How to Tattoo Portraits

There’s all this hype right now about Tattoo Education

And, why not?

Learning new techniques and styles ELEVATES tattoo careers, clients, and opportunities.

But what do smart Tattoo Artists Do these days?

They Learn How To Tattoo Portraits…

Why Learning How to Tattoo Portraits Is
Smart For Every Tattoo Artist

Here’s the deal:

If you’re a professional tattoo artist, tattooist, free-lance tattoo artist, apprentice, or any other Tattoo Artist You Need to help all of your clients.

And since portraits are becoming the next big thing (if done right) and chances are your client may want one someday, learning how to tattoo portraits is CRUCIAL.

When’s the best time to get started?

Right now. Don’t wait for a “bribe.” Don’t wait for things to look perfect. Learn how to tattoo portraits today.

Before You Tattoo a Portrait, You Need to know how to Shade Smoothly

Today I’m going to walk you through what you need to do to shade smoothly – and why you need this skill.

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How I Improved my Black and Grey Shading with The 2 Drop Technique

Getting Started:
How to Tattoo Portraits the Right Way

Are You Struggling with Black and Grey Portraits?

Here’s 2 articles with Tips and Techniques, and how you can apply them into your tattooing now:

#1 How To Tattoo Black And Grey Portraits: Quick Tips for the Professional

#2 Things to Consider when Tattooing Portraits…

If you’re learning how to tattoo portraits you’re going to want to know how to shade consistent black and grey tones. Check out this guide:

 How To Shade Consistent Greywash Tones…

Looking for the step by step process to tattooing a portrait? Check out this FREE Mini-Tutorial on my Proven System:

Realistic Portrait System Free Mini-Tutorial Video

And there’s more to come…

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Realistic Portrait System Free Mini-Tutorial Video