ASK DAX Episode 1: How To Get a Tattoo Apprenticeship… Tips to Get into a Shop

There’s Tons of Controversy about Apprenticeship and Tattooing, which is understandable.

Do You Tattoo in your house or Do You Get an Apprenticeship?

Personally only you can make your decision,

Here’s an article and a Bonus 45 Minute Video with Nuggets of Inspiration scattered throughout it that my team and I Created for you!

Apprenticeships usually teach valuable skills and practices for tattooing professionals. That’s been the “go to” way to learn how to become a Tattoo Artist and was the only way to get Education for ages.


But what about all of those horror stories about Apprenticeship FRAUDS??

You know, the Lazy Mentors, The Mentors that don’t lead by example, The Mentors that treat you like shit, The Mentors that treat you like a slave… I could go on and on… Bottom line their is Great shops you can find to Grow in.

Whether you get yourself in a situation that’s a good passionate shop or a shop that belittles you Its your responsibility to get in there.


Tattooing in a Professional Environment is the only way you’ll reach your full potential and gain Recognition and Respect.

So What Do we do? We Get in a Shop! 

I learned that personally…


If you’re serious about tattooing I want to help you get in a shop,

so In The Video Below We share ideas and personal insights from our experience, to help you gain momentum and find a shop to Grow in Kick up your feet and enjoy!

P.S.Share Your Story Below then.. I challenge you to Get in a Shop Today.

Leave a comment below the video with your experience…

One More Thing: This is the first episode of our BRAND NEW Q & A Show Where you Ask Questions and we Answer them!

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