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ASK DAX Episode 1: How To Get a Tattoo Apprenticeship… Tips to Get into a Shop

There’s Tons of Controversy about Apprenticeship and Tattooing, which is understandable. Do You Tattoo in your house or Do You Get an Apprenticeship? Personally only you can make your decision, Here’s an article and a Bonus 45 Minute Video with Nuggets of Inspiration scattered throughout it that my team and I Created for you! Apprenticeships usually […]


How To Shade Consistent Greywash Tones…

One of the BIGGEST struggles I hear about from artists and my students is getting the right tones and values in their black and grey tattoos.. I know the struggle.. All of the tones in the caps look the same…! and yea, we can just dip and guess. but… What if we could see the tones […]