How To Shade Consistent Greywash Tones…

One of the BIGGEST struggles I hear about from artists and my students is getting the right tones and values in their black and grey tattoos..

I know the struggle..

All of the tones in the caps look the same…!

and yea, we can just dip and guess.


What if we could see the tones that are going in the skin, in the ink cup…?

That would help us with becoming more confident in what tone we put into the skin right…?

There is a way…(Keep Reading)


The 2 Drop Technique does just that! (click the blue link to see what its about)

Less guesswork, resulting in MORE CLARITY and MORE CONFIDENCE with our black and grey tattoo portraits!

IMPORTANT: the 2 drop technique isn’t a “magic pill” you may still need to test and learn how to mix between all of the tones to achieve smooth transitions..

I recommend experimenting with this for a FULL 30 days to get the FULL EFFECT!

there is no shortcut here unfortunately.

My best advice when learning how to use greywash is to

Invest into a pre-made set and use the 2 Drop Technique.


because consistency is key to tattooing..

and consistency in your washes means you you can rely on your greywash and build GOOD HABITS.

when you understand the tones in each cup it makes it a lot more clear in achieving certain tones from your reference pictures and transitioning those tones!

Fuck the Guesswork! lol

and please don’t be one of those goons that only uses just the tones in the caps,

it’s Natural, in fact its good,to dip between greywash caps in order to get a certain tone..

just make sure to be aware of what tone you have in your cap before dipping into the others..

for example,

it’d be plain STUPID to dip from black or darkest grey, into your lightest because it’ll change your lighter wash into a darker wash…

the key is to bring your awareness into how you use your greywash in the moment. Start to pay attention to what you’re doing and if you do end up with darker tones in your needle, make sure to rinse your needle off in your rinse cup before dipping into the light wash again.

one more thing, 

if you’re new to greywash all around, start off with shading a small area of the skin with your lightest, and test out the tones in each cap from light to dark to build your comfort.

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(p.s. I did this on myself when first testing greywashes, here’s a pic below, and yes I still have this tattoo on my leg lol.)

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